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Best ways to prepare for IIT JEE

By Dr. IITian

JEE Advanced 2020 will be conducted in May by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). The examination will be conducted in online mode in two parts. JEE candidates who wish to get admissions into IITs and top engineering colleges in India will have to qualify JEE Advanced. The students after clearing JEE Main 2020 can apply for JEE Advanced 2020. The students can use the following tips to crack the JEE exam but with the help of the topmost and best IIT JEE coaching in Indore like Dr. IITian will help you to get your desired results more effectively and in less time. We also provide coachings to students who wish to start their IIT preparation from class 9.


Tips for IIT JEE Preparation


For success, there is no secret element; it’s always the result of hard work, determination, practice and learning from mistakes. A candidate preparing well and consistently working hard with the right approach will surely clear the examinations with great marks. The aspirants appearing for JEE Advanced 2020 will be capable to crack the examination with the help of given below tips:


1. Identify your strength - You must follow your passion and make a career in the field of your strength. Clearing IIT is not everyone's cup of tea. If you are good at mathematics and have a logical reasoning and scientific bent of thought, then you may be an aspirant for IIT.


2. Physical exercise or playing - Engaging in some sort of physical activity is advised. It is good to just do some jogging. This gives your body and minds a much-needed break and leisure.


3. Make your own short notes - This is a very useful method for many reasons. Firstly, making notes automatically brings in a lot of attention. Secondly, you generally write only after giving sufficient thought and study. Finally, these are your own words. They help you with your fast revision.


4. Starting early will help to practice more and revise more to get an edge over other aspirants. Don’t hold anything for the last minute. Start early and prepare thoroughly for the examination.


5. Set a study plan - It’s necessary to have a study plan before starting preparation. Studying random topics at random hours will not produce any output. You have to keep your focus sharp, work on your exam attempt strategy and be more involved with your study plan. You should give equal time to each subject and some time should be saved for revision as well.


6. Work smarter rather than just harder - It is the Quality over Quantity which is more powerful. Studying with concentration and analyzing the principles and theories with a precise mind will bring incompetence and you will be able to achieve the same targets in much less time.


7. Focus on way to solve fast - To achieve a good rank in IIT, just solving a problem is not enough. We must focus on how to solve a query very fast and that too without compromising on accuracy. Note that speed can be developed only by a better way of solving the problem in a very relaxed manner rather than solving by the longer method and hurriedly skipping steps. Though this is not an easy field to deal with, my suggestion is to make it a habit to think of an alternative method to solve the same problem while practicing assignments.


8. Divide preparation into different levels - It is always better to study with a stepwise procedure. Whenever you start a new chapter, first finish the NCERT level including all derivations that may come in board exams, then practice all problems of JEE Main level and finally prepare for all the problems of the JEE Advanced level. This will make you feel more relaxed and you will be able to complete the chapter much faster.


9. Keep formulae and concepts handy for easy reference - You should not put yourself in pressure in learning formulae. Just have them handy for easy reference. As you keep studying problems, you will experience that with continued practice of formulae and concepts, they easily become your own property.


10. Attempt mock tests: Mock tests help to understand the level of preparation. Mock tests are related to the actual JEE Advanced exam helping the aspirants to manage time efficiently.


11. Practice previous year question papers: To take your preparation level to grow, practice solving previous question papers. Previous year question papers serve the students to know the paper pattern, weightage of each part and learn time management. It also helps you to know the level of questions asked. You can also join one of the best IIT coaching classes in Indore, Dr. IITian for practicing previous year question papers and sample test papers.


12. Surrounding positivity: Taking too much pressure will not provide any outputs. JEE Advanced 2020 is a huge platform to realize your dreams. So, stop taking extra pressure. Bring positive energy into yourself. Negativity should not affect you. If there’s anyone or anything which distracts you or disturbs you, just get rid of it. JEE Advanced is not a subject of life and death, it’s an examination and taking too much pressure won’t take you anywhere.


13. Periodical breaks: Taking small breaks at regular intervals is important. After 1 hour or 30 minutes of continuous study, you should take a rest, maybe some walk or listening to a song. These small breaks will help you remember what you learn. Hence, take everything in the right amount. Do not spend time for the sake of taking breaks.

To get a good rank in JEE 2020 exam, you can join Dr. IITian, one of the best coaching in Indore for IIT JEE where you will connect with experienced counselors and faculties who will give you the best guidance.


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