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How To Find The Best IIT JEE Coaching Classes/Institute?

By Dr. IITian

When we target our goals, they work in two methods: We work on them and then they work on us! Same as our strategies and goals towards our career. Success cannot be achieved in one day, it requires a proper course of action, a systematic analysis of our approach to reach the goal, implementation of policies and plans and much more.

If you’re an ordinary student of class 10th or 12th and you dream to become successful in life, you cannot achieve it in one day or even in one year. Extraordinary students or for instance, say toppers are toppers because they are always pre-planned for the next step of their career; they’ve already decided in 10th or 12th standard that at which position they will stand after 10-12 years.

If you’re also dreaming to start your career and become one of those extraordinary ones, you have a hell lot of career opportunities and a wide range of fields to enter in. One of these fields is IIT JEE, where you’ll get utmost respect for being an IITian, a state of honour in society, an ample amount of knowledge and a stable job in the most reputed companies of the world with the highest amount of package as compared to others.

As you must be knowing the fact that, IIT-JEE isn’t a walk in the park, or I could say nigh on impossible and this is quite demanding due to better growth options. The competition is also very high. But you need not worry if you wish to pursue IIT-JEE, then this blog is very useful for you. You’ll get a complete idea regarding how to prepare for IIT JEE and to choose the best coaching classes for IIT JEE.


Here are a few things which should be considered while choosing the best coaching institute for the preparation of IIT JEE:

  • Experienced and Proficient Teachers - Teachers play the most crucial role in the preparation of an IIT aspirant for the examination. Experienced teachers are considered to be most capable because they have their own techniques of teaching. Teachers should have the ability to motivate their students for better performance. The professionalism of the teacher regarding education and learning standards matters a lot for cracking this exam. It is also important for students and parents to communicate with teachers while visiting coaching classes for IIT JEE coaching.

  • Past Achievements - Past results are the most important basis to judge the competency of a coaching institute. Generally, coaching institutes advertise the percentage of scoring students, which does not give the correct picture about the institute’s performance so the best way to analyze the score of last year's result is by communicating with previous year’s students and parents who were the part of that coaching. You must do a complete background check of the coaching institute.

  • Study Material for IIT JEE - Pertinent study plays a major role in deciding the future of your career. Study material should be up to date and must be capable of clearing the concepts. The difficulty level and the language of the study material should match with level exams. So you should discuss and check the study material of the respective coaching institute in which you are planning to take admission.

  • The Infrastructure of the Class - Before joining any institute, you should ensure the Infrastructure, safety, and assurance of what coaching center’s offer you on your joining day and in brochures/templates. Class strength is also an important factor in your learning because more strength means less attention of the teacher and it will lead to confusion in concepts. So you should ensure it before enrolling yourself in any coaching institute.

  • Types of Courses Taught: Although most of the coaching classes offer almost the same kind of courses, the important point is to check the duration of courses, timings of classes, availability of experienced teachers specifically for the Optional Subject of your choice, revision batches, and doubt sessions.

Other Things You Must Consider Are:

  • The cost of expenditure, the pattern of the fee structure and refund system in any case.

  • What are the factors on which student’s performance is evaluated? In how much time duration + tests or assignments are taken?

  • The distance between your place of living/home and the location of that coaching center.

  • Interactivity between students and teachers regarding questions, queries, and examinations and how effectively teachers take note of student's sayings.

  • Environment, atmosphere and the surroundings of the coaching institute. 

  • Availability of the study room or Library within the class is like a jewel in the crown.

  • Last but not least, also check about fire safety measures and arrangements.

We hope that this blog is helpful for all the IIT aspirants. To know more about the best IIT JEE Coaching in Indore, visit www.driitian.com.


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