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Why Should We Go For IIT-JEE?

By Dr. IITian

        One of the toughest questions that the majority of you've got in your life is, “What will you do after 12th?". This is often that phase of your career when its direction is set and so you need to be very careful while making the choice. One of the foremost popular fields where you people tend to appear in the IIT JEE which will assure you a glittering career over the course of the rest of your life. But it's well said that so as to glitter just like the gold, you want to first burn just like the gold and this is often identical if you're willing to pass the IIT JEE examination. It is said that time is money and is valuable, so if you want to be an IITian desperately, don't wait for anyone and without wasting time start your preparation from the 10th or 12th  itself. So prepare enthusiastically and don't distract anywhere, have proper self-control and certainty on your goals.

        Preparation of IIT JEE along with regular school is very tough; therefore you can prepare it either with online classes or by joining the best coaching classes for IIT JEE. It is without a shadow of a doubt the toughest exam that you simply appear in after 12th and a great deal of preparation is required for the same.

        Though, there are many good reasons why you should pursue IIT-JEE after 12th. 

        The IITs are one of the best technical institutions within the country, and hence a number of the brightest minds of the country aspire to study there. The greatest research, teaching, and innovation happen at IITs. IITians who are enthusiastic about their line of study/work endure to become leaders in their field. This perpetuates the belief that IITs are one of the best technical institutions within the country and therefore the cycle continues…

        There are other reasons too. If you wish to study abroad after you graduate in India, being an IITian will make your application stand out.

        If you would like to pursue other major courses like Aerospace Engineering, or Engineering Physics, or Post-Graduation courses like Geosciences or Control Engineering, IITs stand out even more. The faculty in these departments is pretty much as good as the faculty in the ‘core’ departments, and there's a lot of foreign research and industry collaboration going on which provides you plenty of opportunities to diversify. 

        The IITs are also some of the foremost liberal institutions within the country, with heaps of space for freedom of thought and expression, and a lot of opportunities are there to upgrade your skills. These institutions are known for providing high-quality education in science and technology and for research in frontier areas. The environment at IITs is very good for building a solid base of knowledge, development of personality, building up confidence, self-discipline, ensuring excellence, and enquired with creativity, motivation, and drive to succeed.

        All of the above help to organize the students admitted to these institutions for successful professional and social lives. Today, these institutions occupy key positions in industry and academics in India and Abroad. Each Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) has well-equipped modern laboratories, state-of-the-art network, and well-stocked technical library. Teaching methods rely upon direct personal contact between the teachers and also the students, and therefore there is the use of traditional and modern instructional techniques spontaneously. Students live in a pleasing and intellectually stimulating environment with people having common goals and inspirations, which is exciting as well as a unique experience. 

        Here I’ll tell you the placements of an IIT with annual packages:

         • IIT Bombay- Highest Salary - Rs. 1.5 Crore Per Annum, Average Salary- Rs. 18 LPA (Lakh per annum), Recruiters- Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm, Tata Steel, Uber, Morgan Stanley, and Rubrik.
         • IIT Madras- Highest Salary - Rs. 95.87 LPA, Average Salary- Rs. 12 - 20 LPA, Recruiters- Flipkart, Axis Bank, Oyo, Samsung Research Institute
         • IIT Delhi- Highest Package - Rs. 1.4 Crore Per Annum, Average Package- Rs. 15.57 LPA, Recruiters-Dell, Intel, EXL, Microsoft, Samsung Research
         • IIT Indore- Highest package - 6 million Yen (International) 36.5 lakh (Domestic),average package- Rs. 16.6 LPA, recruiters- Bharat Seats, Intel, DE Shaw, Amazon

        The important points to note:

          IITians have made a lot of fame in this nation, thanks to their hard work. They take education to a whole new level. The exposure you get in the IITs in wonderful.
          Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are given a lot of significance in the IITs. You actually get to work on a lot of projects and stuff, and many projects are a part of their tie-up with companies.
          IITs have excellent teachers. There are not so good professors elsewhere but IITs have the cream of professors.

        So, I think, now you’ll get the answer that “why people die to study in an IIT?”

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